Consider The Gap Bridged . . . . .
My 1st stab at a Fashion Blog. I hope to feature not only mysterious innovators, but my own creations.
Hailing from the soul of NY, Brooklyn, this Pisces hopes to inspire and be inspired.
"Barthy" ;
Coming Soon :)
Coming Soon :)
Coming Soon :)
Coming Soon :)
Now kiddies, Patriotism isn’t limited to America(ns).
Oh, Canada ;)
Wonder. Woman.
Take note. THAT’S how you catch a cab.
 Yum; So much I love here
My Own Attempt :)
(You Probably Can’t Tell By This Photograph, But That’s An American Flag On My Thigh)
Solange! Mixing the trend with another print, Genius!
Celebs We Know & Love Following The Trend:
Lindsay Lusicious Lohan

Submitted by Stunning @ the VICE liquor tasting 

VERY Cute :)
You guessed right, folks!